Madonna Dark Ballet

Mykki Blanco explains the metaphors in the Dark Ballet video

Mykki Blanco explain the deep meaning and metaphors in the Dark Ballet video with pride.

But first, Mykki thanks Madonna.

Madonna, you lift people up, you understand where your achievements have placed you and you extend your hand, your mind and your heart and you UPLIFT!

Mykki Blanco

“I hope the messages and metaphors in this video are understood,” says Mykki. “I hope that people watch it, pause for a moment and reflect and watch it again.”

“The ‘Stigma’ surrounding those living with HIV is all too real,” he adds. “‘Systematic Oppression’ is not a ‘buzzword’.”

‘Institutional Racism’ is not a ‘trending topic’.”

‘Misogyny, Transphobia and Homophobia’ are things we have to actively dismantle. We have to stay vigilant and unafraid to be militant when others may want us to appear palatable.”