Madonna Madame X Tour

Madonna: “Madame X Tour will be very theatrical and focused on music, but not…”

During an interview on last night’s Graham Norton Show, Madonna talked about her Madame X Tour.

“I am bringing musicians that I met in Lisbon, and we are gonna focus on music,” Madonna said. “But there’s gonna be electronic music as well, technology, sometimes no musicians on the stage, sometimes only with the grand piano, sometimes only dancing.”

It’s gonna be very theatrical, very intimate


Madonna confessed that “I’m nervous.” But this time, she wants “something different.” Therefore, Graham Norton asked her if it will be acoustic. “Hell no,” she replied.

But do not call it a residency. “I don’t like that word,” Madonna clarified. “I’m doing a number of shows in the same place.”

Graham Norton asked her what is “the thinking behind” small venues.

“I like this because I can see everybody,” Madonna said. “And people can see me. I can look everyone in the eyes.”

Madonna added that in a theatre she can have an exchange with the audience that you cannot have in a stadium or an arena.