EXCLUSIVE: “I Rise” coming on 12″ vinyl + “Crave” Remixes update

EXCLUSIVE: We are excited to reveal that a 12″ Vinyl Maxi for “I Rise” is scheduled to be released very, very soon!

Below you can find an image created by our collaborator @dazesplace as a mock-up of what to expect from the product that is yet to be released, although the image is not official.

“I Rise” 12″ vinyl mock-up as made by @dazesplace, unofficial image.

“I Rise” will be released as part of the next ‘Record Store Day‘ exclusive, coming on Record Store Day, which this year is on November 29th November 22nd*. It will be one regular vinyl (no colored) and will feature 6 remixes of the track.

Side One:

  1. Tracy Young Pride Extended Remix 6:32
  2. Kue Drops The Funk Remix 5:56
  3. Daybreakers Remix 5:24

Side Two:

  1. Thomas Gold Remix 3:17
  2. DJLW Remix 4:36
  3. Offer Nissim Remix 6:56

We also have news on the ‘Crave’ Remixes that were supposed to be released on the first week of September; unfortunately the Remix bundle has been delayed but will be available as soon as possible, more info coming soon!

*Errata corrige: The correct release date for I Rise 12″ Vinyl Maxi is November 22nd, 2019.