Madonna Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

Tonight Madonna performed Don’t Cry for Me Argentina and was cut before I Rise

Tonight, instead of the beer sketch, Madonna performed Don’t Cry For Me Argentina at London Palladium.

She performed the first verse and the chorus. She sang it very well. The arrangement was quite simple.

Apparently, Andrew Lloyd Webber was in the audience.

Tonight the show started with God Control and everything except Crave has been performed.

The backing track for Future started too early. Madonna was visibly irritated. “Thank you, ” she said. “I was not ready.”

Just after the final segment with Malik before I Rise, the theatre closed the curtain. Madonna was very angry. She said a few “f*ck.”

“I had one more song,” Madonna said.

Therefore she came out anyway and sang I Rise with the audience. Also her dancers, backup singers and musicians came out, but not dressed yet for I Rise.

The show started a little bit late at 21:05.