Madonna COVID-19

Madonna joins forces with Bill Gates to identify therapies for COVID-19

Madonna has joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation´s COVID-19 Theraupetics Accelerator to identify potential treatments and vaccine for COVID-19.

Madonna already donated and is inviting everyone who can to do the same, accordingly to their possibility.

“I’ve decided to join forces with Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation by making a contribution to Therapeutics Accelerator, to reach our goal as soon as possible” Madonna announces on a clip on Instagram.

“It’s not too late,” Madonna says. “We should all start seriously taking a consistent approach to shooting this virus down and this pandemic sooner than later.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the healthcare workers standing on the frontline around the world, who expose themselves regularly to the virus, who work tirelessly around the clock and never give up,” Madonna says. “I have enormous respect for you. Thank you.”

“We need to remember that we are alive, we need to be grateful,” she adds. “I’m gonna say it again: ‘Stay safe! Stay home!'”

“Stay in contact with family and friends, while you are in isolation,” she encourages. “Be loving and kind with people around you and most of all don’t panic. Fears would get us nowhere. I have fate in the human race, and that we are gonna go through it.”

“I have an enormous respect for Bill Gates and work he has done on his life,” Madonna adds. “He warned us on a global pandemic in 2015 and I wish we had listened.”