Madonna and Kylie Minogue at MET Gala

Kylie Minogue confirmed she talked with Madonna at MET 2013. “Would be great to do something together”

A lot has been speculated about Madonna and Kylie Minogue being partially photographed together at MET Gala 2013.

Finally, Kylie Minogue confirmed that it was actually her in that picture with Madonna.

Unfortunately, the woman’s silhouette blocked out by Brahim Zaibat is indeed Kylie‘s.

Talking to Andy Cohen for an interview for SirusXM, which will be aired soon, Kylie confirmed that she had a brief chat with Madonna at MET Gala 2013.

“There’s one hilarious picture from the MET Gala, maybe 5 years ago or so, where I went to say hello to her and we had a quick chat,” says Kylie.

“I think it’s her boyfriend at the time, or friend, who is blocking me out,” she adds. “So fans have gone nuts. It’s just the one pic that we can see them sit together and it was completely missed.”

“Probably, the photographer didn’t know who I was,” she continues.

Kylie also confess that “of course, it would be great to do something with Madonna.”