kylie and madonna

Kylie wants the right song for a duet with Madonna

It’s not a surprise that Kylie Minogue would love a duet with Madonna.

Kylie has been a “Madonna maniac” since the 80s. And she confesses it again in an interview for Metro.

Kylie is well conscious of pop fans’ high expectation. She is “as curious as the fans are,” and the only thing holding her back from teaming up with Madonna in the studio is the risk of putting out something mediocre.

I am as curious as the fans are. It would be amazing. The hard part is to get the right song and the right moment.

Kylie Minogue

“Maybe any moment is the right moment,” Kylie says. “But the right song? One that’s in people’s imagination, mine included, because don’t forget I was a 14-year-old Madonna maniac. I was that kid.”