Madame X: first in-depth details of the Paramount+ Film

Madame X‘, Madonna’s Tour film is premiering exclusively on Paramount+ and MTV (for people outside of US and/or with no access to Paramount+) on October 8. After last Thursday’s premiere in New York (Times Square Edition), some fans have posted their review and shared some details about the film; Today at, we want to give you our first preliminary review, as we share some accurate details about the film’s length, audio aspects and more – in fact we are gonna focus on the musical aspect, in detail and in-depth. Let’s get started…

We can confirm the Film runs around 1 hour and 54 minutes (without the ‘Ciao Bella‘ credits) and the mixing sounds phenomenal. Everything sounds homogenic and well balanced; We are quite happy with what we heard and especially we found the ‘vocals’ less edited than past concert tours DVD/BluRay releases. Sometimes they sound even less ‘robotic’ than the actual live peformance tracks, as Madonna heavily used autotune throughout the tour.

The mixing is very crisp and clear, every sound has its own ‘space’ and doesn’t sound chaotic. Crowd applause sounds appear fitting to the theatrical scheme of the show, only being louder when Madonna chats with the crowd. Everything sounds leveled correctly (something that lacked in the latest 3 tour DVD/BluRay releases).

The film starts with a new version of the ‘Manifesto of Madame X‘ (previously seen as an interlude on the Madame X Tour shows, right before ‘Vogue‘), but instead of the usual slowed down version of ‘Killers Who Are Partying‘ in the background, we have Honey Dijon’s remix of ‘I Don’t Search I Find‘ as Madonna starts with ‘It’s our gypsy blood, we live between life and death. Artists are here to disturb the peace.’, leading up to the Manifesto itself with the remix as the soundtrack.

‘I Don’t Search I Find”s beat interrupts abruptly as Madonna recites the manifesto ‘I’m a spy in the house of love, I’m Madame X‘ while heartbeat and shooting gun sounds play in the background. As the Manifesto ends, Madonna recites ‘The most controversial thing I have ever done, is to stick around’, then she welcomes the audience to the world of Madame X. The original ‘Typewriter’ intro with Ahlamalik Williams starts, and the crowd goes silent. The track has been shortened a little but the performance itself is in almost its integrity, barely noticeable unless you look for it.

God Control‘ is found in its complete form, except once again a few cuts in the middle of the song. The second ‘People think that I’m insane‘ verse is removed and Madonna sings it only one time (instead of two). As Madonna screams ‘A New Democracy’, the music stops for around 6 seconds with a wind backing track, before starting again (reminds of the ‘Iconic’ part on the Rebel Heart Tour Film before the second verse). The rest of the song is complete.

A clip of 1990’s Blond Ambition Vatican speech in Italy is played before ‘Dark Ballet‘.; a sub-bass plays in the background. Madonna recites:

‘If you are sure that I am a sinner, then let he, who has not sinned, cast the first stone. If you are not sure, then I beg of you, as righteous men and women of the Catholic Church that worship a God who loves unconditionally, to see my show and then judge me.
My show (…) asks questions, provokes thoughts and takes you on an emotional journey, portraying good and bad, light and dark, joy and sorrow, redemption and salvation.’

As we previously reported, a few songs from the original Lisbon Madame X Tour show are not included on the Film, like ‘Sodade‘ and ‘Crave‘. Our friend Katrina (who attended the New York’s premiere) has talked to Nuno Xico, which directed the Film with Ricardo Gomes, and he revealed those performances will be released as extra.

Dark Ballet‘ and ‘Human Nature‘ performances are complete. ‘Papa Don’t Preach”s strings intro is found in the ‘Eyes are the window to the soul‘ section, but the song itself is not performed/sung (unlike the American dates of the show). ‘Express Yourself‘ acapella moment and crowd chat is in the film. ‘Vogue‘ is complete, and starts with the ‘What Are You Looking At‘ acapella vocal, no ‘Manifesto of Madame X’ as it was moved on the first part of the film, as we previously revealed. ‘I Don’t Search I Find‘ is complete.

As the track ends, Madonna then chats with the crowd (Polaroid moment with Shavawn’s son). A fan offers 300 euros for the Polaroid and Madonna exclaims a bored ‘Nope!‘. ‘American Life‘ is complete. ‘Batuka‘ is complete (with the Coffin intro). Madonna chats with the crowd and thanks the Batukadeiras. ‘Fedo Pechincha‘ is complete. One ‘O mundo é selvagem‘ chorus is cut on Killers Who Is Partying. After the ‘Eu sei o que sou, E o que não sou‘ part, the song concludes with the outro ‘Wild is the world and lonely is the path to come to you‘. ‘Crazy‘ is complete.

Madonna then chats with the crowd and explains the lyrics to the song just performed, before cutting to a 30 sec. video clip where she speaks ‘No matter what terrible things they do to you, (…) one thing that gives us hope…’. The video clip ends and ‘Welcome to My Fado Club‘ starts. The performance has been slightly cut to give more space to the ‘La Isla Bonita‘ part. ‘Medellin‘ is complete (with its typewriter intro), except few small cuts on the actual song that are barely noticeable, like repeated choruses.

Madonna then chats with the crowd again. (Beer Bitch moment with Dave Chapelle). ‘Extreme Occident‘ is complete, but the ‘Aquilo que mais magoa, É que eu não estava perdida‘ has been shortened to one time, instead of two times like the album and live versions. ‘Rescue Me‘ interlude is slightly shortened too but again, nothing too noticeable. ‘Frozen‘ is complete. ‘Come Alive‘ is almost complete (with its intro), but the last chorus plays only one time instead of two, also small cuts have been applied to the outro of the song so that the ‘choir’ part starts before. The acapella choir outro ‘Come alive‘ lyric repeats for 8 times before Madonna joins the choir, repeating the lyric 32 times. Madonna chats with the crowd about ‘fighting for freedom’.

Future‘ is complete, including Madonna’s ‘new’ second verse. The city outro with police sirens plays briefly before cutting to ‘Like A Prayer‘. The performance is complete. Before ‘I Rise‘, there’s a short documentary clip with the instrumental of the song playing in the background, where Madonna explains why and to who she wrote the song for. Typewriter, heartbeat sounds and then ‘I Rise‘ finally starts. The performance is complete, but the final ‘I Will Rise‘ has slightly been shortened to approximately 10 times. Madonna concludes with ‘Power to the people‘ and goodnights. The film ends with a ‘famous quote’ and typewriter sounds, with a sub-bass in the background. ‘Ciao Bella‘ plays as the credits roll.