An Exclusive Interview with Darmon: Discover the Magic Behind the Remake of Madonna’s ‘Sorry’ created with Eran Hersh, BLOND:ISH and Madonna

We at DrownedMadonna.com had the thrilling opportunity to chat with DJ Zahi Darmon to uncover the compelling story behind the exclusive rework of Madonna’s “Sorry” he created with Eran Hersh, BLOND:ISH and Madonna herself. 

In the interview, music mastermind Darmon shared the artistic process that went into crafting the track, his sources of inspiration, the most challenging elements of the remake, and the unique blend of genres incorporated into it. He also delved into which aspects of the original song were altered and what makes his version so distinct from Madonna’s. In the conversation he also spoke about the experience of working with such a music royalty.

Darmon is an artist who has fused cultures and genres to create a truly captivating sound. As an American-based music producer and DJ born in Israel, he has blended deep afro, melodic, and indie tech sounds to create a signature style inspired by his Middle Eastern roots. It is this creative genius and unbridled passion for music that has made DJ Darmon one of the most sought-after DJs in the world.

What was the creative journey behind the rework of Madonna’s “Sorry”?
Bringing back a nostalgic track with a modern feel.What was the inspiration for this particular version of “Sorry”?
Always loved that song and it’s very familiar.

How did it come to fruition?
My brother and I met BLOND:ISH for lunch at Pura Vida and we were talking about all things music when the idea to collaborate on this track was born.

What was the most difficult element of crafting the rework? Making the vocal fit the right way.

Is this remake a unique blend of genres?
Indie and house.

What musical components were integrated into the track? Some disco elements and cool synthesizer sounds.

Which aspects of Madonna’s “Sorry” did you focus on preserving, and which did you wish to alter?
Definitely the vocal.

What makes your revamp of “Sorry” so different from the original?
The vibe and flow of the remake and genre.

After playing the track at your gigs, what kind of reaction did you receive?
A total hype and positive reaction most people sing along which feel amazing.

How do you think Madonna’s fans will respond?
Hoping they will understand the craft of this art and love it as much but I understand that it’s very hard to remix or remake a legendary song!

What was it like to collaborate with such an iconic pop star?
It feels surreal, almost like it’s too good to be true.

What does it mean when an established artist allows someone else to reinvent their song?
Lots of trust and courage since the original is such a masterpiece. You’d have to live up to the standards.

What have you taken away from this experience of reworking a song by a major pop artist?
Since this was such a long shot for us, I think nothing is impossible and believe in the process.

What would you say was the most gratifying element of creating this new version of “Sorry”?
Definitely the baseline is the drive of this masterpiece!

Are there any personal connections/memories you have to Madonna?
Always grew up listening to her music whether it was played at home or radio, she’s definitely a legend.

As a DJ and producer, what inspires you?
I love to travel and learn about different cultures and landscapes. I also feed off my mood when I produce music.

How much does your Israeli heritage influence your creative process?
I definitely have a lot of influence from my Israeli heritage, I’m familiar with a certain scale of music notes from a young age and it definitely weighs in on my production.

Are there any specific artists that have inspired and shaped your work?
I would have to say that I listen to many genres and lots of music each and every day. I love all types of music. This opens up my musical IQ a lot and inspires my work. It could literally be any genre.

How would you characterize your sound and what has influenced it?
This track in particular is not my typical sound and genre, but that’s what makes it special. The track is a remake from a legendary artist and the direction it ended up going really stemmed from the track itself and our depiction of what we felt would make people dance to an updated classic.

What has been the most rewarding experience of your career as a DJ and producer?
The ability to share my work with the world. And see how people connect to it. That feeling is a huge reward.

Is there a certain event or show – that you have performed at – that stands out as particularly inspiring?
Hurry up slowly is a pop up event with such a great vibe and people an amazing event overall.

Looking ahead to the future, what are your plans for your career?
Would love to make an album and share it with the world to connect with and create different moods in each song this way everyone would have some sort of a connection with it and will bring people together.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to interview the talented DJ and producer, Darmon. His passion for music and admiration for an iconic artist like Madonna is unmistakable in his remarkable remake of her song ‘Sorry’. Having grown up with Madonna’s music, the fact that he is now breathing new life into her iconic track is truly special and inspiring. We wish Darmon the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.

Zahi Darmon is an American-based music producer and DJ, originally from Israel. He has developed a unique blend of deep afro, melodic, and indie tech sounds, drawing on his Middle Eastern roots.

BLOND:ISH is a multi-talented DJ, producer and environmental activist. Her expertise in afro house, 80s disco, psychedelic and techno genres make her DJ sets positive, fun and rhythmically compelling. With her eclectic music skills, she is able to bridge gaps between genres. 

Eran Hersh is an internationally-renowned DJ and producer who has been building a successful career by traveling the world to pursue his ambitions. Originally from Israel, where his love of music began, he is now based in the U.S. and has released multiple successful releases over the past few years. Eran is quickly becoming a highly sought-after artist.

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